LittleAbout : Britain drops deportation orders for Pak students

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Britain drops deportation orders for Pak students

July 18, 2009

London, July 18 - ANI: Britain has withdrawn deportation orders on two of the nine Pakistani students who were detained on national security grounds earlier this year.

Both students, Sultan Sher and Janas Khan belong to the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan and were arrested from Leeds and Milton Keynes respectively.

The students are expected to be released once authorities complete the legal formalities, The Nation reports.

Students attorney said that the officials would now go through the usual immigration process, and if their visas are found legal and valid, they will be allowed to continue their study in Britain.

It may be noted that 12 students were arrested in simultaneous raids across Britain in April. Ten out of the 12 taken into custody were Pakistanis, who had came to Britain on students visa.

However, after three weeks of intense interrogation all charges against the students were dropped due to lack of evidence. They were then handed over to the UK Borders Agency for deportation.

Meanwhile, two students Abdul Wahab Khan and Shoaib Khan, Amjad Malik have applied for further bail before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.

Their bail plea would be heard on July 27. - ANI