The News : British lawyer contacts arrested student’s family

Sunday, April 19, 2009

British lawyer contacts arrested student’s family

April 19, 2009

PESHAWAR: A British lawyer for Abid Naseer, one of the 10 Pakistani students arrested by the authorities in England on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist plot, contacted his family in Pakistan and informed his father about the well being of his son.

Nasrullah Jan Khattak, father of Abid Naseer, told The News on Saturday that British lawyer named Aden had twice phoned him from England on Thursday and Friday. “He told me that he had met my son Abid Naseer who is in police custody. He said Abid Naseer was well,” Khattak added. He said his family was still unsure about Abid Naseer’s fate.

According to Khattak, the family members of the other Pakistani students arrested in northwest England were also coming forward after hearing about the arrests. He reiterated that his son was innocent and had been wrongly implicated in the case.