Net News Daily : Pakistan Asks UK for Names of Terror Suspects

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pakistan Asks UK for Names of Terror Suspects

by Nathan Adam | April 13, 2009

The Pakistan government has today called for the UK Government to share names and addresses of the 11 suspects detained by the UK over last week’s terror alert, which prompted teams to swoop in and arrest the suspects. It was uncovered that the suspects in fact had plans of shopping centres and other communal locations. They have asked for the details amid speculation that the Britain are going to deport the suspects.

The government told the Financial Times that they promise to respect the rights of any Pakistani’s that were caught in the group.

The comments by the government come after it was released that the detainees might be deported rather than put on trial.

This call from the Pakistani government is just another sign that ties between the British and the Pakistani governments are getting better as the new government in Pakistan promised.