Mirror : Britain's top terror cop resigns with six-figure pension

Friday, April 10, 2009

Britain's top terror cop resigns with six-figure pension

By James Lyons | April 10, 2009

Britain's anti-terror chief Bob Quick was forced to quit yesterday - and has walked away with a six-figure pension after 30 years of service.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith decided he had to leave his post after accidentally revealing details of an anti-terror operation to photographers.

The raids on al-Qaeda suspects were brought forward to 5pm that day following the blunder.

Mr Quick, 49, praised colleagues for "professionally" carrying out the operation and accepted that he had to walk.

He added: "I've offered my resignation in the knowledge that I could have compromised a major operation. I deeply regret the disruption caused to colleagues and remain grateful for the way in which they adapted quickly." All the suspects were captured but the arrests were made in public, increasing the risk of injury to innocent people.

Mr Quick was immediately replaced by John Yates, who led the cash for honours probe.

His fate had been sealed on Wednesday night when Ms Smith met Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson.

He told her Mr Yates could take over without jeopardising operations.

Mr Quick was appointed last year and sanctioned the raid on Tory MP Damian Green.

He was made to apologise after claiming there was a Conservative plot to oust him in revenge.

Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson was accused of playing "party politics" over the resignation after calling a radio station and revealing the news live on air.