Liverpool Echo : Liverpool Terror Alerts: Commissioner 'cock-up' quits

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Liverpool Terror Alerts: Commissioner 'cock-up' quits

by Ian Hernon, Liverpool Echo | April 9, 2009

BRITAIN'S most senior anti-terror chief today said he “deeply regretted” jeopardising a major operation after resigning.

Bob Quick quit his top Scotland Yard post after he was pictured carrying secret documents into 10 Downing Street.

Mr Quick, the Met's Assistant Commissioner, said: “Last evening I contacted the Metropolitan Police Authority to inform them of my intention to offer my resignation.

“I have today offered my resignation in the knowledge that my action could have compromised a major counter-terrorism operation.

“I deeply regret the disruption caused to colleagues undertaking the operation and remain grateful for the way in which they adapted quickly and professionally to a revised timescale.”

Mr Quick quit after almost "blowing" a planned swoop on suspects in Liverpool and across the North West.

It meant serious questions were raised over his fitness to mastermind such secret operations.

He arrived at a pre-raid briefing openly carrying a dossier - pictured by photographers - of the upcoming operation.

As a result the raids were brought forward to yesterday evening when it was still light – rather than the early hours of darkness.

Opposition front benchers complained the "catastrophic blunder" could have put innocent lives at risk and let the suspects go free.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said he received Mr Quick's resignation with "great sadness".