Daily Times : ‘Manchester terror plot’ suspect’s picture released

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

‘Manchester terror plot’ suspect’s picture released

Daily Times Monitor | April 14, 2009

Lahore: Daily Telegraph has released a picture of one of the Pakistani students arrested as part of an alleged Easter bomb plot in Manchester along with the information that he stayed at a residence owned by a terrorism-finance suspect.

Janas Khan, 25, a student at Hope University in Liverpool, had moonlighted as a security guard. He worked for £6 an hour at building sites around Liverpool until his cousin was deported for alleged visa violations in January. Khan studied for a degree designed to prepare students for medical school at the Government Superior Science College, Peshawar. Haroon Khan who had employed him, said: “He is very slight, not a big guy at all. We have a gym here but he never used it... He was a very clever lad but a bit of a loner, always looking for attention or company.”

After he resigned from this job he signed on with another company that employed him to act as a security guard at a new Homebase that opened in Clitheroe, Lancashire last week. The place is close to a chemical plant that the police suspect was being scouted as a potential target. MI5 observed the suspects filming themselves outside shopping malls in Manchester and they also visited a number of second-hand car dealerships.

Khan is thought to have stayed at a flat raided in Earle Road in Wavertree, Liverpool.