Crime Central : Turf wars over terror fiasco

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turf wars over terror fiasco

April 22, 2009

The blame game over the North-West terror arrest fiasco is in full swing. The intelligence folks say the cops went too early. Scotland Yard says that despite Bob Quick's infamous blunder all the operational decisions were down to Greater Manchester Police, who run the North-West Counter-terrorism Unit. Greater Manchester says there are no disagreements and it acted to protect the public. Lord Carlile, who is going to review the whole sorry affair, will have quite a job on his hands.

Meanwhile, Crime Central would just like to point out that if you went on to the GMP website just a few short months ago and typed the word "terrorism" into the search box, up would pop an anti-terrorist surveillance video. Shot from a car, the rather fuzzy footage showed the "target" running around a Manchester park. Top secret stuff, out there on a public website for all too see.